In a survey conducted by one of the world’s leading research firms, Juniper Research, mobile gaming could rake in a whopping $28.9 billion dollars in revenue during the year 2016.

Given the extreme traction of the mobile market, growing at a breakneck speed akin to 1990’s era PC sales, a brand new report from Juniper Research suggests that mobile gaming will see a 38 percent growth rating. The current valuation of $20.8 billion dollars in 2013-2014 isn’t anywhere close to the ceiling, if this report is to be believed – and as the premiere research firm globally, it should.

Research data for these projections is accumulated from 11 “key games developers” and displayed on “74 tables and 44 charts, providing forecasts for smartphones, tablets, feature phones and portable game devices, as well as mobile advertising markets for 8 key regions…” Juniper Research’s latest projection may take into account developing countries and saturated countries alike, but much of this growth should be coming out of China, India and other countries – not necessarily North America and Europe.

Juniper specifically mentions developer’s interests to go the way of Angry Birds with longer stretches of relevance. “In an effort to maximize their apps’ potential, developers are turning their focus on increasing user lifetime value.” The report further details Sony’s opportunities in the mobile market with features like PlayStation Now – set to hit tablets and mobile devices, enabling gamers to play PlayStation titles on the go through the cloud. Though these projections may seem steep to some, this estimate is more than reasonable considering growth in the mobile sales market isn’t slated to slow down any time soon.