If you’re looking to get your hands on Mortal Kombat X today, you may want to read up on some common launch day issues that fans of the series are running into on day one. These issues are causing a controversy in the community that is significantly impacting the outlook of what is otherwise a highly rated game.

Released on the PlatStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PCs, predominately through Steam, Mortal Kombat X is running into a host of problems at launch that is severely impacting player experience – predominately on the PC. If you were one of the many users who pre-ordered Mortal Kombat X on the PC through Steam, you’re likely familiar with the Steam pre-load services, but with Mortal Kombat X these services could only do a small part in their job, as users were forced to use a first party download system for most of the MKX content this morning.

With the initial download of Steam’s offering only being 3 GB, users are currently being forced to wait behind a Warner Brothers Interactive download “stream”, allowing you to play while it downloads. This could be great, but in a world where not everyone can download as quickly as they need to, or have other preference, the single player start-up might not be what they were looking for. Given this stream download system, MKX is locking users out of their content until the content is confirmed as completed, and for some this confirmation has never worked properly – causing some users to call for full refunds. Widely considered to be “unplayable” by those looking for the full experience, Warner Brothers Interactive may not have properly worked out the kinks before launching it wide to the PC.

Across all platforms microtransactions have reared their ugly head for Mortal Kombat X as well – take them or leave them. Without offering up a true advantage throughout a fight, it is now possible to buy “Easy Fatalities” on all platforms, taking out the required skill for the most gory of finishing moves on any given character. Aside from the fact that Easy Fatalities take out a fundamental respect level you could have had for your opponent, Fatalities are hard, these transactions are listed at nearly extortion prices. Easy Fatalities come in 5 packs for $0.99 USD or a 30 pack for $4.99, so why is this so shocking? Well, Mortal Kombat X features only 29 characters. A 30 pack of Easy Fatalities is telling to the true nature of this microtransaction – it’s a consumable, not a permanent option.

As with any microtransaction it should be understood that this is an option, but while playing online there is a significant social downgrade to the fatality with this option. Fatalities were once a very respectable sign of proficiency with the joystick [or controller], now gone with the chance that a user can press left and “X” to make it happen. As a games reviewer myself I understand two things about this function, you see. At conventions it has been standard for a while for NetherRealm Studios to code in this function just to be able to easily show off the gore, but when it becomes standard to see a Fatality will it be as impressive? Hardly. Look for professionals to likely shy away from the traditional Fatality with the release of these microtransactions. People want to be known for their skills in the fighting community, not their wallets.