As one of the premiere MOBA titles set to launch in the coming years, Gigantic will launch not only on the PC, but on Xbox One as well.

Developed by Motiga, Gigantic is one of the most prestigious titles in the MOBA genre today, and it hasn’t even come to market. Gigantic is, in fact, such a fine title that we gave the game our PAX Prime “Game of Show” award way back in September of 2014. Announced through video footage available on the official Xbox YouTube channel, a trailer broke the news to the general public today.

Set as beautiful third person Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, Gigantic will be a free-to-play title with a huge variety in character design, despite a significantly smaller pool of characters to play with than in League of Legends. Changing focus from fighting down straight lanes and killing buildings, Gigantic tasks you with owning objectives and destroying an opposing team’s living creature. Defining each role in a completely different way than before, there is no “Meta” of play for Gigantic, and with the highest level of intensity I’ve ever seen in a MOBA, Gigantic is in a league all its own.

With the news that the title will reach out to Xbox One, Microsoft is hitting all the high notes today in expanding on their announcement for cross-platform purchasing. If you’re interested in reading more on Gigantic before the title makes its way to Xbox One, head on over to our preview from the PAX South expo just over one month ago, and learn all there is to know about the most recent characters in development.