Having just played a solid 15 minute demo of Tom Clancy’s The Division, here at PAX Prime 2015 it’s clear to say that the show is getting off on the right foot. With what feels like exceptional but not spectacular graphics, it’s actually the game play that shines in this third-person shooter.


Starting off I find myself as a “healer” class and I already know I’m going to need to sit back and keep my two teammates alive, which I hate doing in any game utilizing the Healer/DPS/Tank roles (I prefer the DPS). As my team and I run out into our first engagement, we encounter some npcs, I immediately take cover and begin cover fire.


My other two team mates on the other hand show me very quickly that they have never played a 3rd person shooter (…probably any shooter) and I now know I’m “F’ed in the A“. I of course do extremely well and I’m MVP player of all time as Tweedledee and Tweedledum spend most of the game in the re-spawn screen. Assuming you can put together a team you like, it’s easy to see where a well coordinated team would absolutely wreck and have no problem progressing through what could otherwise be a mess of bullets. I am looking forward to playing more of Tom Clancy’s The Division at launch, and you should be too.

To separate the trailers from reality, in our preview play, two triangles of nine systems set the landscape – three players to each team. It isn’t entirely clear if your team will naturally expand beyond this, but as of this testing phase, teams of three are the accepted standard. We’ll be spending more time exploring the title here at PAX, so keep it locked to PowerLeveled for more information as it becomes available.