After a long anticipated wait I received the ModMic 5 by Antlion in the mail. This product was created by Antlion with the hopes to bridge the gap between headphones and a headset. The premise behind the ModMic 5 is to give you the opportunity to use your non-mic headphones while playing your favorite games and chatting with your friends.

“The ModMic 5 delivers flexibility and performance all in one. Select between noise canceling and studio recording modes with the flick of a switch. Cable management has never been better, thanks to a modular system and included cable wrap and clips.”


I would love to say I had the chance to test the ModMic 4 so I had something to compare the ModMic 5 too but alas I was not able to be part of that. No worries though I have reached out to the gaming community to ask the questions I needed to know before testing. Lets get into this shall we? Packaging of the ModMic 5 looks very sleek and professional. To be honest with you, a I had my doubts at first about using a microphone like this. From a visual standpoint, if I saw the ModMic hanging in a local retail store, the packaging alone would have caught my eye.

The box its self was a little tricky to open, since I am one that tries my best not to rip my boxes; but after a little fumbling around I was victorious. Inside the box not much but a nice looking zipper wallet with the Antlion name and some cord wrap.









Inside the wallet/carrying case was quite the surprise. Nicely packaged (I will never get this back in here this nice) I found the  ModMic 5 and the mute module tucked into one side of the case. While on the other side I found the additional modular cables, the clasps and the instruction guide. One new change from the ModMic 4 is the extension cables are shorter but can be plugged in to make variable lengths. I guess this was a complaint from the earlier model.

courtesy of Antlion

Dual electret capsules: omni- and uni-directional
Selector switch on microphone housing

  • Jack: 3.5mm plated TRS for use with PCs
  • Head unit:
    • Microphone boom + 20mm of cable to male TRS 3.5mm tip
    • Single-conductor coaxially shielded
  • Cable:
    • 2.5mm diameter rubberized TPE jacket, kevlar reinforced, coaxially shielded
    • One 1m dual-conductor coaxially shielded
    • One 2m dual-conductor coaxially shielded
  • Mute switch:
    • 3.5mm male/female ends
    • Low ESR tantalum capacitor in mute circuit
    • Length: ~8mm
  • Extension cables:
    • 3.5mm male/female ends
    • One 1m dual-conductor coaxially shielded
  • Clasps: Plated Neodymium N45 strength magnets


  • Pattern: Uni-directional
  • Sensitivity: -38 ± 3 dB
  • Response: 100 Hz–10 kHz
  • SNR: >50+ dB
  • Impedance: 2.2 KΩ
  • Operating Voltage: 1 to 10V
  • Max current at 2.0V: 500 µA
  • Max input SPL: 110 dB
  • Pattern: Omni-directional
  • Sensitivity: -26 ± 3 dB
  • Response: 30 Hz–17.5 kHz
  • SNR: 58+ dB
  • Impedance: 2.2 KΩ
  • Operating Voltage: 1 to 10V
  • Max current at 2.0V: 500 µA
  • Max input SPL: 110 dB


  • One ModMic 5 modular microphone set
  • Mute switch
  • 1m and 2m cables, each with 3.5mm jack
  • Durable carrying case
  • Two base clasps, one top clasp with cap
  • One foam pop filter
  • One 2m cable wrap and 10 cable clips
  • Extra adhesive pads
  • Instruction manual





*Console devices require a Y adapter, sold separately

Hardware Installation:

The instructions are very clear and easy to understand. There is not much to the device as far as mounting goes. I think the hardest part is picking the what pair of headphones you would like to mount it to. I went a different route with this though. My wife loves her Turtle Beach T12 headset but our son decided to destroy the mic on them. So I use the ModMic 5 to see how it would be to replace the mic. The adhesive pads that are provided are very sticky I had removed the original boom mic and mounted the bad in the hole left behind. This was not a solid flat surface but I figured this was as good a test as any. After cleaning the surface with the alcohol pad provided in the kit the adhesive pad bonded very nicely. I will also say the magnet chosen to hold the mic to the mounting clip is super strong. Its very difficult to knock the mic loose from it. The part I found not so appealing is the cord management. Adding a second cord to any device almost makes it feel a bit bulky. I tried the clips provided and they look sleeker but don’t hold the cord down well enough and the cord wrap begins to make it bulky and if you don’t have a good idea of what you are doing here it can look a little jumbled.

Hardware Performance:






Over all the sound quality was very good. It took a little experimenting with and reading the instructions about a new feature to the ModMic 5 over the 4. The newest version is both omni-directional and unidirectional built into one mic. The ModMic 4 you had to choose one or the other. One thing we need to keep in mind here is that most headsets mic’s sound very good as well, but the ModMic’s job is to turn your headphones into a headset. So does it do the job it was designed to do? I would have to say it does, and it does a very great job at it. I did run into a manufacturing issue that my mute switch was not working. Antlion had already addressed this before I had a chance to ask them about it and sent out new ones to anyone that had this issue. The featured line no longer has this fault.


ModMic 5 could hit you right in the wallet if you are not expecting it since the starting point is $69.95.  Now gaming headsets can range from as little as $10 up to $200 plus this does give a broad scope to hit. If you think about it and you have a $150 pair of headphones with this cost you are getting up there into the very well made headsets. That said ModMic 4 is still only $49.95 so I will have to leave this choice up to the user.


This I was quite impressed with. The ModMic 5 has 1 year warranty. There are many high quality headsets out there that do not carry this long of a warranty. This goes to show that Antlion stands behind their quality of their work.


I have put this mic through the wringer. It’s been tossed, sat on and used by pre-teen boys over and over again. I would have to say that it has held up better than the original boom mic that it replaced. Backed by the one year warranty it only shows why Antlion can offer such good coverage.


Many thanks to Antlion for providing this sample for review