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Updated 3/15/2015

Having a short but storied history, Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard’s attempt at the MOBA space that began back in the days of Warcraft. Featuring exclusively characters from within the Blizzard universe, Heroes come from Diablo, Warcraft, Starcraft and other lore and are familiar to anyone playing Blizzard games within the last 10-20 years. In our “Nerf Tier” list, we’ll go over which heroes are the strongest in the game and why, in detail, we think they could move up or down. With statistically backed information, just as in our ongoing League of Legends tier list, our tier lists are solidly supported by both the true win rates in live play, the official live patch notes, and more statistics that may effect the game in the coming weeks. Have a look at the list below as we cover the four tiers of hero play, from Average to Nerf Tier.

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Introducing yourself to the world that is Heroes of the Storm is neither a difficult nor simplistic process. With each week for a starter, you’ll pick up some free champions and make your way forward to level 30 when you will finally be able to compete to become the best in the Hero League. Those who own 10 or more champions through gold acquisition can get their hands on other veteran players for the highest level of competition in Heroes of the Storm. Here to help you out, PowerLeveled continues to make your adventures from a free week player in Heroes of the Storm through veteran status easier. Here is our full coverage of the best heroes in their respective roles, and if you’re new to Heroes of the Storm, no there is no “meta” game, you just generally want a healer somewhere on the team.

As of February patch 34190, here are the major changes that we’re looking at:

As Heroes of the Storm is in Beta phase currently, few balance changes exist, however some character fixes can effect their performance a great deal despite their percentages or damage levels not varying. In this patch we see multiple bug fixes with heroes that may effect gameplay, and we’ll cover them here.

Brightwing’s Soothing Mist will no longer stop functioning after coming under the effects of Zeratul’s Void Prison. Zeratul’s Singularity Spike will no longer deal higher than usual damage when paired with Double Bombs. Raynor’s Adrenaline Rush won’t be clearing any movement impairing abilities after this patch unless you’ve learned “Fight or Flight” in your talents. The Lost Vikings can no longer track players through the Fog of War by right-clicking them with a dead Viking’s Tombstone/Flag. Chen’s Storm, Earth and Fire Heroic ability will not allow Spirits to fly across the battlefield after using Triple Attack or Split Up abilities [specifically in combination with Zeratul’s Void Prison].

As we get started with Heroes of the Storm’s latest patch, we’ll continue coverage of the details on how and why heroes in Average Tier through Nerf got where they are in the full anthology of posts. New changes are bolded below.

Average Heroes


Down from Effective Tier: [No Changes]  

  • Warrior: Muradin, Sonya, Chen
  • Assassin: Nova, Jaina, Raynor
  • Support: Malfurion, Tassadar
  • Specialist: Murky, Abathur

Effective Heroes


Down from Strong Tier: [No Changes]

Up to the Effective Tier: [No Changes]

  • Warrior: Tyrael, Diablo
  • Assassin: Tychus, Falstad
  • Support: Li Li, Tyrande
  • Specialist: Zagara, Azmodan

Strong Heroes


Down from Nerf Tier: [No Changes]

Up to the Strong Tier: [No Changes]

  • Warrior: E.T.C, Arthas
  • Assassin: Thrall, Zeratul, Kerrigan, Illidan
  • Support: Rehgar, Uther
  • Specialist: Gazlowe, Sgt. Hammer

Nerf Tier Heroes


Up to the Nerf Tier: [No Changes]  

  • Warrior: Stitches, Anub’arak
  • Assassin: Valla
  • Support: Brightwing
  • Specialist: Nazeebo, The Lost Vikings

While each player and player build could vary their opinion of this tier list with high levels of practice, these figures represent overall play by the Heroes of the Storm community, as well as how the numbers compare with the latest patch. In the coming weeks we will continue to keep updating you on the trends of your favorite champions in their respective roles.

Look forward to more Nerf Tier with the next Heroes of the Storm update exclusively on PowerLeveled – created for those interested in statistically supported and battle tested tier listings.

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