About 5 days ahead of the announced date in which we would see more content for Call of Duty: Black Ops III, we’ve got a new trailer for your viewing pleasure.

Hitting on the controversy of technological advancement and how it connects with human ability, this trailer takes more note at the adaptations we’ve seen in Advanced Warfare, and how they relate to the coming Black Ops series. Following in line with our earlier predictions for Black Ops III in its first announcement, the year 2000 is highlighted in this video prominently, citing some of the first major unlocking of the human genome. 2011, where we first met “wearable” technology with Google Glass and many other minute computing hardware devices.

The trailer moves along to speak on modern limbs for those who may have lost them due to war or disease, before reaching into a hypothetical future. Black Ops 3 will reach beyond the future we know in Advanced Warfare, despite what we initially saw as a possible bridge between Black Ops and Advanced Warfare as the trailer reaches well beyond the years of the last Call of Duty title. Get an early look as we approach the official announcement on the 26th of April, 2015.