If you’re in the market for a piece of Final Fantasy 7 merchandise, some new prototypes have hit show floors that are sure worth the wait.

Dropping onto the scene from Play Arts Kai, a pair of amazingly detailed prototype figures for Final Fantasy 7 have come to light. Available for show at the Japanese “Jump Festa” in December, Cloud and Barrett’s coming pose-able figures will blow your mind.

First dropped on Facebook at NonSoloHobby, these figures estimate at around the same size as a G.I. Joe or Barbie toy – 11 inches tall. Both figures have multiple points of movement as well, meaning they aren’t meant to stand as centerpieces in the room. Play Arts Kai fully expects you’ll be playing with these “action” figures as much as you’ll play with the coming Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

No expected release date for the figures is known at this time.