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McFarlane Toys, maker of detailed action figures, has announced a new lineup for its Halo 4 line of collectable action figures to hit the shelves this Fall. The latest to be revealed is Halo 4’s all new nemesis, the Didact! This figure will stand around 9 inches tall with 29 points of articulation. Oh and the new line of Halo 4 action figures will contain a code for some exclusive DLC in game. Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly what that content will be.

“As an added bonus, each figure will also include a unique code that unlocks exclusive Halo 4 video game content…More information coming soon!”

Others to make it in the official line up for this fall include:

  • Master Chief
  • Elite Ranger
  • Storm Jackal
  • Spartan Scout (Rust)
  • Spartan C.I.O. (Violet)

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