Although it’s great to see a Halo bundled Xbox One, we’re questioning the timing of the release of the newly announced Xbox One Halo: The Master Chief Collection Bundle. Most bundled deals attempt to coincide with major holidays or release dates. So why did we not see this Halo bundle either for the November launch or the Christmas rush? The answer may be related to the actual launch of Halo: MCC and the subsequent firestorm of bugs and glitches making online multiplayer near impossible to play. Perhaps Microsoft had the bundle all ready to go but decided to hold off until the game became more functional and not disappoint costumers on Christmas.

Reasons aside, the Halo: MCC Xbox One Bundle is here now so let’s take a look at what we get. Previous Halo console bundles had either custom artwork and hardware for their respective consoles. This Xbox One bundle on the other hand doesn’t event get a Halo themed skin. You get a standard 500GB Xbox One, a controller, a wireless headset, a 14 day trial of Xbox Live Gold, and Halo: The Master Chief Collection. That’s it. Nothing more. The only saving grace is the low price of $349 for the bundle. The Xbox One (Kinect-less) is $400, but is currently enjoying an extended price cut of $50, and Halo: MCC is $60. So you are essentially getting a $110 value with this bundle.

This may not be the Halo bundle we deserve, but it’s still a good value if you are looking to pickup an Xbox One. Hopefully we’ll see a special Halo edition Xbox One when Halo 5 launches later this year.