If you’re in love with the support role in League of Legends, the newest character announced from Riot Games should make you quite happy.

Bard, the Wandering Caretaker is a celestial vagabond with a Lux-like CC, a stationary healing shrine, a portal to the opposite side of any wall, and a solid stasis to cut off all activity in a fight – friend or foe. While wandering stands as the focus of Bard, paying close attention to when his wandering is most appropriate will separate the best from the rest. Those who are willing to hang around with their bottom lane companion until they are sure to get a clean move will find the most success. Here are the highlights of the latest champion’s skills, ready to get a hand in the Summoner’s Rift.


Bard_PassiveAncient Chimes
Bard’s presence causes sacred chimes to appear on the Fields of Justice. Collecting a chime grants Bard a brief burst of movement speed, experience, and mana.

Bard’s presence attracts small spirits known as meeps to his side. Whenever Bard attacks, a meep throws itself at his target, dealing extra damage before disappearing back to the spirit world. As Bard collects more chimes, the meeps that follow him grow in both number and power.

Q: Cosmic Binding

Bard_QBard fires out a burst of spirit energy in a line, damaging and slowing the first enemy struck. After Cosmic Binding hits an enemy, the burst of energy continues through, searching for secondary targets. If it hits a wall, it stuns the initial target; if it hits a second enemy, it stuns both targets.

W: Caretaker’s Shrine

Bard_WBard conjures a health pack that gains power for a few seconds. Allied champions who walk over the pack gain health and a brief burst of movement speed, while enemies can stand on the pack for a moment to destroy it.

E: Magical Journey

Bard_EBard conjures a portal on a target wall. The portal tunnels through to the far end of the wall, granting one-way passage to all champions, friend and foe, who enter it.

R: Tempered Fate

Bard_RAfter a brief delay, Bard places all units in a targeted area – friend or foe, including champions, minions, monsters and turrets – in stasis. Frozen units are immune to all damage until the effect wears off.

Bard is set as an effective support with the tools to add dynamic success options to the bottom half of the map in early game fights. Thanks to the use of a Caretaker’s Shrine, Bard will allow lanes to sustain with or without his presence, adding on to any gank scenarios or helping a self-sufficient carry in bottom lane stick with a fight under tower. Implementing his “magical journey”, Bard will allow attentive mid lane champions to follow straight on behind their competition to secure a blue buff theft, as well as adding shortcuts to their own Jungler’s pathing.

Look for bard to work well in a team fight as his Ultimate will lock down an enemy team in pursuit or stasis a team mate that may have stepped too far. Allowing for solid control of the mid game, Bard should cause havoc to those who don’t keep track of his movement. Bard is said to work well with Caitlyn for her in-lane sustain skills and mobility. He also works well with Jungling champions that may have traditionally had movement-related ganking issues such as Udyr. Facing against aggressive targets will hurt Bard, as movement is his friend. Leaving a bottom lane open in 1v2 action against a hard CC support or a high power champion can easily result in having a bad time.

Bard may well be the first support that thrives in a broken Meta game, as rolling the top and bottom lanes in a swap-lane situation could leave you with a very favorable amount of gank opportunities, as well as a great creep farm score for your carry. If you have an experienced “top” lane champion that can farm under the bottom tower against two opponents, this may allow Bard to conquer an un-ranked “Blind” match that you would have otherwise lost.

On release we will, as usual, not place Bard directly into any particular rank of our official tier list but we will be announcing his potential range. As our tier list is based on actual statistics and hard math, as well as patch note changes to champions, we’re not going to throw you into the blind assumption that Bard is the strongest champion in the league based on a few of our personal experiences.

Look forward to Bard, the Wandering Caretaker coming to the Summoner’s Rift in the coming weeks, and let us know if you’ve played around with him in the Public Beta Environment as well as how you feel about him. For more League of Legends news, keep watch right here on PowerLeveled.com, or follow us on Facebook for on-the-hour news.