With NHL 15 currently in production for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, EA is bringing physics to the forefront, and beauty to the ice in this year’s version of the hockey simulator.

Giving us a teaser to satisfy our need for the action, and with the Stanley Cup playoffs upon us now, EA is offering up a few details on the new NHL 15 website for the fans to enjoy. Featuring a vastly improved physics engine, puck physics make their return to the NHL franchise, along side “12 PLAYER NHL COLLISION PHYSICS.” Featured for the first time in “any sports game” NHL Collision Physics will effect every player on the ice, allowing for true physical interaction between both teams – even if both goalies and the ten other man on the ice are in the same scuffle.

Player models in NHL 15 will be making dominant changes on the ice as well, as each player now features three distinct layers – the body, the equipment to protect the body, and the jersey itself.

“Each layer interacts independently, making every contact with the puck or other players even more realistic. Dynamic Cloth technology adds an extra layer of realism as it reacts to the player’s movement as they explode up the ice, helping bring the speed of the game to life.”

Given that each layer will respond similarly to that of NBA 2K14, we can expect that physics with these layers will make for a deeper level of realism than ever before realized in an EA sports title.

You may now vote for the player to don the cover of NHL 15 over on the official website as we lead up to the title launch. The semi-finals of the cover vote begin today, through the NHL finals and beyond. Look for more details on www.easports.com/nhl or here on Power Leveled.