In a press release, developers bitComposer and Games Farm announced a new Action RPG game titled Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms set to be released on PC in 2014. Set after the events of 2005’s Kult: Heretic Kingdoms, Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms puts the player in the role of a Demon who must save the world, or leave it to its destiny.

Shadows utilizes a unique party system, allowing the player to switch between the main character and one of 3 party members. Each party member has a special set of skills and abilities that will allow the player a wide range of choices and options to choose from in combat. The game also includes a deep level of integration, allowing your choices to mold how the game progresses and ends, and features a story full of lore and wonder.

You can find more information for Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms on their official website. Also, check out a trailer of the game here on PowerLeveled and some screenshots further down the page!

More information on developer bitComposer is available on their website.

Shadows Heretic Kingdoms_04

Shadows Heretic Kingdoms_06

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