Niffelheim the latest 2D action, exploration title from developer Ellada Games will be coming to PC, Mac, and Linux in 2016. No worries though because Niffelheim will start its early access in October of this year. Ellada Games has combined beautiful hand-crafted art with a massive over and under world. Niffelheim is loaded with exploration and enriched story along with crafting to offer players a fulfilling experience as they explore a world infested with evil.

About Niffelheim

Ancient horrors never die…and neither do you. Rise up and face Death’s demonic hordes. Fight against raging spirits in defiance of the cruel and ancient forces that rule the land.
Explore the darkness, battle the creeping evil – tunnel and search through the underworld, harvest food and resources. Explore eldritch caverns, set up a stronghold. Fight and trade. Hunt and build farms. Craft unique weapons and tools. Enslave an ancient force. Conquer enemy lands. March against the demons of death.
All this, and more, will be part of your experience as you play Niffelheim, the 2D action & crafting game, featuring a lavishly illustrated world, all crafted by our hands, but explored by you.

Key features:

  • A 2D exploration game featuring a massive world, both above and below ground, for you to explore and build your kingdom within
  • Beautiful, hand-painted levels portray a sinister, yet intriguing world, inviting you to explore the darkness
  • Battle through endless caverns and dungeons with more evil than gold inside- creatures and monsters that defy description await their fates at the end of your blade
  • Explore the world, complete quests, make alliances…the options are nearly endless
  • Cooperative Multiplayer. Play alongside AI heroes, or invite your friends to help you (or battle against)
  • Harvest resources, build a castle, develop farms, craft weapons and tools
  • Upgrade your character’s abilities within a classic RPG skill tree

We look forward to more updates from Ellada Games about Niffelheim, you can visit their official website or as always check back here at PowerLeveled.