With Nintendo set to launch multiple titles on smartphone markets in 2016, the company is setting projections high for profitability on the year and beyond.

Kicking off 2016 with a bang could easily be said to be the direction of every video game publisher and developer. With Nintendo set to launch into the smartphone market this year, that direction could very easily become a reality. On the basis of strong partnerships, Nintendo intends to raise profits in gaming sectors up to 400% within the next “several” years.

To help launch Nintendo into the profitability stratosphere, a partnership has formed with Japanese mobile publisher DeNA. Revealed back in March of 2015, this partnership will be used to publish Nintendo’s most recognizable figures into the mobile gaming space. Beginning with the launch of Miitomo just a year after the partnership, Nintendo plans to start off with a social connectivity application to help whisk people into the mobile world.

Coming to market with a social connectivity app is certainly not what we expected from Nintendo’s first application, but Nintendo is far from leaving this as the last. While the company’s plans to bring users into the world of “Mii” characters first, Nintendo’s profit projections are based on the inclusion of new and recognizable Triple-A IPs. Due out in 2016, we will see at least one of the massively recognizable characters, though it isn’t specified if Mario, Zelda or another character will be brought to market first.

While we have an odds-on bet that Amiibo products will make the transition to mobile and the upcoming Nintendo “nX” unit, Nintendo has confirmed that we will hear more about their console and mobile markets in the near future. All of this, in combination with what we foresee as an increasingly universal marketing platform could quite easily bring Nintendo into the forefront of the market in both profitability and sales. The only question that remains – Will developers follow Nintendo into the next generation of the company’s gaming direction?