With strong initial sales success from a small indie studio, could No Man’s Sky see a launch on Xbox One in the future? We don’t think so.

What makes us so sure that No Man’s Sky will not come to Xbox One? Consider this – No Man’s Sky will certainly outpace initial sales expectations, but with a development team of just 15 individuals, Hello Games has over 100 staff members less than Call of Duty development team Infinity Ward. Pair this with weak initial reviews from some major publications and a touch of bad press related to frame rate issues on PC and it’s clear that there’s still work to be done.

Six weeks ago Hello Games announced that the game had gone “gold”, meaning that it’s ready to ship to the public. After the initial announcement, work certainly didn’t stop. Hello Games continued work on the PlayStation 4 version of the game in game play mechanics and tweaks, as well as working overtime to push out a playable PC version of the game as well. Some PC players consider that the “master race” of gaming got screwed on their version of the game, but I can confirm that the title operates as expected on default settings – the same visuals you would see on PS4.

Surely the team at Hello Games will continue working on the product for PS4, as well as work on No Man’s Sky for PC, but with patches assuredly in tow there’s no way we’ll see a fully scripted No Man’s Sky for Xbox One within at least the next year. The question remaining is, will the game see success late into the year as Rocket League has to warrant an Xbox One release, or will the team move onto the next project?