For those who are picking up the fresh new Oddworld title for PlayStation 4 on PS Plus, you’ll be disappointed with your Cross-Buy feature this week.

As developers are at their own discretion when distributing Cross-Buy functionality, your new copy of Oddworld: New and Tasty will not include the same copy for PlayStation Vita if you didn’t shell out any cash for the title. As mentioned in reply to a direct question on the topic, Oddworld Inc. covered the company’s view on Cross-Buy quite directly on Twitter.

While other developers on the PlayStation Plus program have given away both copies of Cross-Buy titles simultaneously in the past, there is no metric requiring the Oddworld developer to shell out a PS Vita copy for free with their PS4 copy, so we can’t be upset – though some gamers may well be. How do you feel about the company holding back on their freebies and going only PS4? Sound off in the comments section below.