It was announced that there will be an anime adaptation of the action-comedy manga One Punch Man which follows the life of Saitama. Everything about him seems average or plain and he doesn’t look like much of a fighter, plus he’s completely bald, but he is in fact the most powerful hero alive. He is so powerful that he wins every fight in only one punch. This is a serious problem for Saitama because he can never find anyone to have a good fight with since no matter how strong they look, they only last one punch!

Now the world is seeing more and more mysterious beasts come from nowhere and threaten the public. More heroes appear with a wide variety of skills and personalities to deal with the near daily crisis at hand. That doesn’t matter to Saitama though because there’s a special on vegetables that he can’t miss!

Make sure you check out One Punch Man later this year for a great combination of action and comedy as Saitama struggles to find worthy opponents and meets new allies in his journey as a hero.