Created by developer Fairytale Distillery, adventures in the Alpha test ready MMORPG “Das Tal” can get started soon with your support on Steam Greenlight.

Set as a fast-paced open PVP MMO, Das Tal focuses on player interaction to entertain. Featuring procedural generation in an open world, this combat and loot system driven top-down MMO brings the excitement of Diablo II PVP in a skill-based scenario. With time-boxed servers, combat and construction of your player settlements help you build your character into any style you prefer, where you’re never locked in. With no class restrictions in combat, participate together against your adversaries or play free-for-all to rule them all as you duck, hide and dodge to pick the perfect killing strategy.

With persistent support from its Greenlight launch and beyond, Das Tal is constantly evolving based on your input, building into a deeper product and a better game inspired by your desires. With its latest update at the beginning of October, Fairytale Distillery highlighted the latest changes, including Stealth, tracking and more.

Here is a full features list for Das Tal in the latest update:

A True Sandbox MMORPG
Open PvP and Full Loot
Custom, time-boxed Worlds
Limited Grind: Compatible with Real Life
Player Settlements and Sieges
Resource Warfare and Player-Driven Economy
Fast-Paced, Player-Skill-Driven Combat
Flexible Character Development
Open Development

For more information on Das Tal, check out the official Steam Greenlight page and the host of screenshots below.