Trusting the validity of the Korean Ratings Board, Borderlands may come back on the Xbox One and PS4 platforms, including all DLC soon.

Thanks to a posting since removed on, the Game Rating and Administration Committee (Korea) as leaked a potential release of Borderlands on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. This coming ahead of the E3 conference just days away, the title released back in 2009 may come with a visual bump from the original “HD” release to a true HD format, and will feature all DLC released with the game in its “Game of the Year” edition.

The Borderlands franchise has driven millions of units sold, including titles outside of direct sequels. Aside from Borderlands 2, the “Pre-Sequel” and a Telltale Borderlands title have kept the series relevant in the nearly 10 years since Borderlands hit store shelves. As one of the most successful 2K games titles, Borderlands 3 is expected within the next few years, but may not see announcement at this year’s big show.