Revealed through a press release on, a new standard beyond Blu-Ray is hitting the streets, offering a base 300 Gigabytes of storage on a disk.

Launching exclusively as a new standard for “professional-use”, the next generation optical disk known simply as the “Archival Disc” [simulated picture above], is touted as a disk-based option for long-term digital data storage. Though this optical disk will much more likely allow for the distribution of 4K movies and games with dramatically expanded content, the road map for Sony and Panasonic’s new disk format shows that at least six times more data will fit onto an Archival Disc as opposed to a Blu-Ray Disk. Given this ideal, Sony-Panasonic will not stop at simply improving their technology over the existing Blu-Ray by six-fold, but will work toward 1,000 Gigabyte disks before the end of the coming next-gen disk cycle.


Available in Summer of 2015, this new disk format has no official projection for its launch price, though it is assumed that if you’re looking to know you will probably have to wait – it’s for professional-use after all.

Key Archival Disc Specifications
Disc size (type) 300 GB (write-once)
Optical parameter Wavelength λ=405 nm (nanometers), Numerical Aperture NA=0.85
Disc structure Double-sided Disc (3 layers/side), Land and Groove Format
Track pitch 0.225μm (micrometers)
Data bit length 79.5nm (nanometers)
Error correction method Reed-Solomon Code

“Both Sony and Panasonic have successful experience working on the development of Blu-ray Disc™ technology. The two companies plan to actively promote this next-generation high-capacity optical disc standard in the professional field in order to offer an effective solution for protecting valuable data into the future.”