Have you ever been tired of a neighbor who parties too often? Get your quiet revenge in “Party Hard.”

In the coming indie title Party Hard, you play the role of a cranky neighbor who is at their wit’s end with a nearby party house. Rather than calling the police or asking politely to a bit of peace, in Party Hard you decide it’s a better idea to kill everyone at the party using your “faithful knife” and the environment. With phenomenal feedback coming out of the Penny Arcade Expo, developer Pinokl Games is excited to get the product out for public viewing.


Despite a clear and present danger the police won’t shut the party down, so your goal is to take out the entirety of the party without other party members noticing, nor the police. Featuring semi-procedural environments and a focus on unique ways to score a kill, you’ll set traps while partying, outright start fist fights and dance your way into the night to keep the feds off your back.

Set to release this year for PC/MAC, iOS, and Android with later release on home consoles, Party hard won Indie Prize Amsterdam’s Critics Choice Award and is set to release on Steam this summer, followed by mobile releases and consoles just afterward.