With just a few days left on the count down for PAX Prime in Seattle, gamers from around the world are gearing up for their biggest event of the year. While some of the 65,000 may be veterans, many enthusiasts will be attending for the first time in their life. To you, the freshman of PAX Prime High, I dedicate this article with some knowledge about how to prepare for PAX.

Numero Uno: Get the Schedule

PAX is awesome from the moment you walk in the door, and it’s very likely you’ll be excited or overwhelmed, or maybe a little of both. How are you gonna get through it all with the short time the weekend offers? No worries, just get the schedule. Volunteers will be handing out maps and schedules in a nifty magazine around entrances all over the convention center.

As of right now, the schedule isn’t on the PAX Prime site, but for the technologically adept PAX Primers, there will be an app for your smart phone to get all the info fitted neatly into your pocket to check at a whim. The Washington State Convention Center will also have WiFi to help power that app as well as your other social media services to share your experience.

Numero Dos: Quench Your Thirst

…and hunger, really. PAX will take a lot of energy because unlike gaming at home on the couch, you’ll be hiking all over the convention center as you complete objectives. You can save some extra cash and buy the expensive food, or you can stock up on small snacks to keep you energized throughout the day. Some PAX goers like a Camelbak to stay hydrated. Maybe that’s for you, or maybe you’ll carry a reusable water bottle. Either way, stay hydrated! No one has a real Quick Revive if you faint, but medical personnel will be on duty to get you to a rest point.

Numero Tres: Keep Cash Safe

You’re gonna need cash to grab the cool things you see, so start saving now if you haven’t already set up that special PAX bank account (you know, that envelope in the Superhero undies drawer?). PAX has a ton of wonderful knick-knacks, souvenirs, and everything else worth dropping the Benjamins. Not everything is expensive, but it all adds up as you fill your swag bag with gifts for you and your friends.

Remember to keep your cash safe. PAX is a huge event with close quarter crowds, and a bump might knock your wallet free from your pocket. Make sure you keep your money and merch safe. If your hotel is close by, make pit stops to drop off the goods before going back for playing games or catching after parties. There might be awesome honest people who will return a dropped load of cash, but there are those who’ve gone to the dark side who won’t resist temptation. Plan for the best safety possible. Maybe you have an inner pocket to use, or sew one into your Cosplay costume.

Numero Cuatro: HYGIENE!

Sixty five thousand – a huge number to be gathered in one place. That number seems exponentially bigger if you can smell each individual’s unique odor when showering has been neglected. Please, please, please – for the love of nostrils – freshen up with showers at the hotel. Remember the small voice of Southpark’s lovable character, and “don’t forget a towel” because hotel rooms are limited as well as the awesome pool for non-gaming leisure.

These are the huge hitters for PAX planning. One last point is less about preparations and more about etiquette

Numero Cinco: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

That is what it means to me! Being respectful is a broad topic. There will be fans in Cosplay, and there will be developers sharing sensitive first peeks at their games. Showing respect is important, so ask if you may take pictures or video or audio because not everything is fair game for your social media. Also, we all know some costumes will look super hot or sexy on some ladies and gentleman, but let’s not harass anybody, okay? We’re all there to have a good time as part of a special niche: all things gaming. So let the inner gamer shine, and try not to rage quit if you get tired and cranky. Remember your schedule, remember your snacks, remember your money, and remember to respect yourself and each other. See you in Seattle!

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