With little new information working its way out to the public, the winner of our PowerLeveled PAX Prime “Game of Show” award last September is back with more details on the finest MOBA title coming up: Gigantic.

Set in multiple fully developed 3D battle arenas, Gigantic is a third-person Multiplayer Online Battle Arena [MOBA] title with the addictive natures of League of Legends a combat style all its own. Pegging up to five players against five opponents in a traditional MOBA setting, similarities to other popular MOBA titles end just there with Gigantic as developer Motiga builds something fresh and fun for the most popular genre in gaming today.

Featuring fourteen heroes, Gigantic stages each team in a fight to take down the opposition’s Guardian across multiple varied stages. Using a multitude of skills, set between the traditional tank and healer roles through sniper, hunter and assassin roles, you’ll smash down the opposition with innovative tactics not seen in other MOBA titles. Use these Hero classes to take hold of user-controlled hard points designed into each map where your designation could either heal allies, create fast travel locations, or help you destroy the enemies depending on your team’s needs. Through keen decision making and teamwork, press your way into the enemy’s guardian lair in multiple Clashes and you may just take down the heart of their Guardian to establish yourselves as the dominant force on the battlefield.


Exclusively announced at PAX South, two new characters have hit the world of Gigantic, currently available in the closed Alpha. First up, Griselma.


Listed as a “Wise Summoner”, Griselma is a trickster, “…here one moment, gone the next…but beasts and traps remain in her wake.” With the standard five spells at her disposal, Griselma is packing in the following:

  • [LMB] REACH OUT – Melee attack with extra reach.
  • [RMB] PORTAL BEAST – Conjure a portal beast. Hold down to prepare for future placement.
  • [Q] HIDDEN PORTAL – Create a portal trap at your feet that launches enemies when triggered.
  • [E] DISPLACEMENT – Disappear into a portal. Press again to exit the portal early.
  • [F] ABYSS – Create an abyss that pulls in all enemies, then launches them upward.

Working with a host of portals means that you’ll have to be aware when fighting against Griselma, but if you’re playing her don’t expect to begin your fights with a ton of health. Pick your battles wisely and you might blink your way through to the heart of the enemy Guardian.


On deck as the “Mischievous Magician”, Mojo can turn the tide on a battle with proper crowd control and counter play. “Mozo amassed a collection of magic wands—sometimes without the prior owners’ consent.” What Mojo has to offer is unlike any other hero in the realm.

  • [LMB] MAGIC BOLT – Hold down to unleash magic bolts. Attack rate increases as you hold.
  • [RMB] ATTRACTOR BEAM – Beam attack that slows enemies.
  • [Q] ARCANE VORTEX – Create a vortex that deflects enemy projectiles.
  • [E] DIMENSION DOOR – Teleport to target location.
  • [F] DEATH RAY – Powerful beam attack that immobilizes.

Constantly updating the world of Gigantic, Motiga is continuing on its path to the top with consistent updates and new content added regularly to the Gigantic universe. Look for more updates on Gigantic right here on PowerLeveled as the title approaches Beta status, scheduled for this year.