If any passionate young gamer has a dream, that dream is to become a professional in the fastest growing sports leagues in the world – E-Sports. Thanks to a new promotion from Twitch.TV and Newegg.com, that dream can become a reality.

Offering up a $20,000 scholarship for their college education, Twitch and NewEgg are marrying gaming and education to forward the progress of high school students across the USA. In a merger with the High School StarLeague, each company has sponsored the HSL with ten thousand dollar offerings to further young championship caliber gamers through their college years. While conventional sports may offer more traditional scholarship options in college, the HSL is hoping to change the landscape of scholarships to the same degree that StarCraft II and League of Legends tournaments [and prizes] have changed the landscape of professional sports.

The High School Starleague strives towards providing high schoolers with a fun, competitive, and rewarding eSports experience, similar to traditional high school sports. Our mission is to promote eSports as a positive experience, so it can one day be considered as legitimate as traditional sports. We also aim to eventually bring eSports to schools in a curriculum based manner.

Schooling is at the forefront of the High School StarLeague, as the HSL is focused on only allowing for true, verified high school students to join the league. Competition is expected to heat up in the HSL with these big name sponsorships, while last year’s attendance in the league was already fair – but nothing close to measuring up against the entire roster of League of Legends players.

During the past year, HSL registered a staggering 4000 players from over 750 high schools all over North America in their competitive leagues for the popular online games League of Legends, StarCraft II, and DOTA 2. After months of fierce matches between the North American high school superstars, the Cerritos High School League of Legends team became the first high school in America to claim the title of “Best High School League of Legends Team.” The Cerritos Team, now playing in the League of Legends Challenger Series, is a testament to the world that true talent has nothing to do with age.

Competition for the grand prize scholarships will take place in League of Legends, DOTA 2, and StarCraft 2 tournament play. The High School StarLeague finals for ’13-’14 will take place in June and will be broadcast live on Twitch.TV.