As announced by developer Overkill Software, Payday: The Heist will be available for free as a reward for the official Payday 2 Steam Community reaching 1.05 million followers.

Available as part of the Payday 2 community drive, the original Payday title will be free to download on October 18th thanks to the milestone reached on their Steam community page. Markers reached to this point and beyond will continue to unlock perks unveiled on the “Crimefest” page on Overkill’s website.

Objectives and prizes for Payday 2 reached thus far are as follows:

Brass Knuckles – 350,000 community members
Golden AK – 500,000 community members
Judge Gun and Money Bundle weapon – 1,000,000 community members
Payday: The Heist free during Crimefest – 1,050,000 community members
Mask from Bain – 1,100,000 community members

Many more prizes are yet to be unlocked, up to a maximum “secret stuff” prize at 1.5 million followers. If you want to join in on the fun, follow their Steam community page.