If you’re the kind of person who is into the idea of free games, you might want to check out a new 5 week program involving some simple guidelines to pick up your free games in the recent future.

Starting with the formerly acclaimed indie title, SpaceChem, PC Gamer is launching 5 million Steam Keys into the wild, one million keys at a time. Offering up a new free title once per week every Wednesday, spend your next five weeks in glory, and start out right here to get on with your adventure.

The give away is part of a larger promotion with Bundle Stars, a company known for giving discounts on games for packing all of your purchases together. PC Gamer won’t reveal their titles list straight away, but anyone who follows their official Facebook can get in on the action every week – not to mention that liking the page is one of the requirements for their free titles program.

Now go get your free games!