On showcase at the PAX East conference today, Pillars of Eternity is a fantastic dungeon crawler made for fans of classic DnD titles.

With a full display of the true nature of Pillars of Eternity, a title that was once only a vision on Kickstarter has been brought to life and is on display at the PAX East conference and available on Twitch.TV today. Coming up from it’s Kickstarter roots as “Project Eternity”, Pillars of Eternity is the product of $3,986,929 in funding from 73,986 backers and is perfectly designed for any tabletop gamers or fans of classic text-based role-playing games.

For those looking for a unique experience with their RPG, Pillars of Eternity is an isometric title with deep and varied story lines which will respond to your character’s actual skill levels and will not hold your hand through adventures. Keeping balance in the mix, Pillars of Eternity will set your adventuring party of up to 6 with decisions where each party member may be stronger than another. Choosing the proper party member for an assigned task could mean the result of pain or profit. As sampled today in the PAX East conference, Obsidian Entertainment showcased their party of six walking up to a stream – simple enough. Upon choosing a party member, their healer “healbot” decided to jump into the stream, where it was discovered that the stream was deeper than perceived. Adventuring through, the healer had sufficient health rolls to survive the swim and found a unique item through adventuring.

Further along their adventure Obsidian chose not to scout out territories ahead and exposed the team to poison traps in their path, after participating in active combat. Combat is different than anything we’ve seen in a dungeon crawler as well, hearkening to the true tabletop RPG roots that the game follows. In combat, Pillars of Eternity follows no other title by pausing the action on command or managing the game in 2/3 speed with slow-mo. This isn’t a real-time RPG, nor a turn based RPG, making Pillars of Eternity a beautiful mix of action and reaction. On command you can adjust the functions of your party or choose to let the fight take place “on the fly”.

With a heavy focus on storytelling and a never before experienced game play, no game in the modern era has been quite to much a friend to a classic RPG lover. Look forward to the full release of Pillars of Eternity on March 26th, 2015 and keep watch for more details right here on PowerLeveled.com