Officially published by Bohemia Interactive, launching into version 1.0.0, MINIDAYZ is a free version of DayZ for fans of the series that can play in your web browser.

Mixing up DayZ and Terraria, MINIDAYZ is a free 2D browser-based version of DayZ and it’s officially launching into version 1.0.0 today. Supporting up to 20 mini-survivors in a single server, players can get together on any official server or by hosting their own server to cause mayhem or work as a team. With today’s update MINIDAYZ now features vehicles and gasoline, in-game chat, gestures and new hidden locations on the map.

MINIDAYZ is both slightly ahead of the official DayZ client and behind in the matter of updates as it does include multiple vehicles so early in launch but does not currently support character saving in either physical position or loot. MINIDAYZ will also update soon to include tree chopping, knives as melee weapons, tents and close-able building doors.

For a hands-on look at the micro-sized DayZ title head over to the official website and get started today.