Released to the world as part of a Developer Blog update, the staff is apologizing for server lagging issues, potentially caused by advertisers.

With concurrent player numbers rising almost every day, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has seen a ton of negative reviews this week on Steam due to latency issues with their servers. A high volume of negative reviews on the official steam page cite not only lag, but an increase in banning on the game from “stream sniping”.

As the development team looks to tackle these issues, they have directly addressed the latency issues in Asia with their latest post.

Many players have asked us about the increased number of server crashes in Asia. Recently, the number of concurrent players in Asia has rapidly increased and there were times the cloud service we’ve been using could not provide more physical servers. To address this problem, we added servers from another cloud service without sufficient testing. Some servers overloaded, which caused frequent crashes. Our development team is investigating the issue in order to prevent it from happening in the future.

The team would go on to explain that with about 1 million concurrent users at launch, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was built to handle that load. As that number passed well over 1.5 million players on a daily basis, peak players have suffered, and the team says they are working to adjust for this load. As for bans due to “stream sniping”, the development team has not addressed how they will change this in the future, and based on what we’ve seen on Steam’s reviews, that might be considerably more important to the long term health of the game’s reviews.