If you’re a fan of the cloud-based convenience of online gaming, you’re going to hit a wall of sadness with Turtle Rock Studios’ Evolve this week, assuming you own two or more consoles.

Though not too many gamers are shelling out the cash for multiples of the same console within their homes, Turtle Rock Studios’ Evolve has a major problem. With character progression data for the four-on-one monster masher saving only locally, those who play Evolve on their consoles won’t be able to login to another console and pick up where they left off.

On more relative ground, this may effect those who plan to play Evolve on their home console and use the same character with their PlayStation Network account or Xbox LIVE account at a friend’s house. According to a post on Reddit.com, as well as reported by a Tina Amini on Kotaku from her personal experience, the glitch takes place when your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 attempt to access a data sync, then find nothing on the other end. With saved data remaining un-synchronized, those interested in multiple consoles would be advised not to create a pair of characters for each role as there is no way of telling which may be sync’d up when the service works properly.