In celebration of the recent success for the PlayStation 4 platform over the Xbox One, Sony has secured a deal with Activision that could change the landscape of gaming – at least for shooters.

Since the early days of the Xbox 360, Activision has worked with Microsoft to push all new downloadable content for every Call of Duty title to the console first. As of today, Sony has turned the tables on Microsoft by picking up DLC exclusivity and takes the most popular franchise in gaming with it.

Becoming the “new home” of Call of Duty, PlayStation 4 will take on DLC rights for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and all foreseeable Call of Duty titles with a month of exclusivity. Just as in previous years, this means that the PC and Xbox One will continue to wait on DLC offerings for 30 days behind the PlayStation 4 console. This is a stark contrast for Xbox gamers who have enjoyed the early lease for years, and may well change the FPS landscape on consoles for years to come.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III will launch with an all-new online cooperative campaign experience and innovative and fluid multiplayer experiences as well as the historic Zombies missions. Here’s a quick look at what Sony had to show from Black Ops III today at the show and look forward to much more E3 coverage in the coming days.