The Sony Entertainment Network continues to expand ahead of E3 2018, as Sony announced officially ever-growing numbers of both online subscriptions and PlayStation Network users.

Reaching all-time highs in both categories Sony dropped the news in an official Corporate Strategy Meeting. While sitting down to lay out the future of the PlayStation brand, Sony is projecting reduced PS4 sales futures that may be offset by PSN subscriptions. A record 80 million users log into the PlayStation Network each month, up 12.5% from last year’s 70 million user figures.

Of those 80 million active users, a record 34.2 million users are PlayStation Network Subscribers! This number is up over 22% from 26.4 million last year, meaning new PSN users tend to want the service over day-one owners. Further still, users are more active on the PS4 than last year, up 33%! Reporting 800 million hours this year over 600 million last year. As Sony transitions into the future of the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation Network service will become integral to the company’s revenue streams until the launch of the PlayStation 5.

Sony console sales have largely been driven by first-party and third-party exclusives, pushing 79 million PS4 consoles since launch. Sony intends to “enrich and utilize” exclusive games and “grow and improve recurring revenue” – presumably expanding on the PS4/PSN library of games and games-as-services going into E3. The PlayStation 4 continues to be the best selling platform in the United States, and the platform isn’t projected to be replaced by a PS5 this year.