The Pokemon Company has revealed an all-new Pokemon experience for the Nintendo Switch titled Let’s GO Pikachu and Let’s GO Eevee.

As with previous “core” versions of Pokemon, the upcoming Switch game will feature two separate versions of the game, available on the Nintendo eShop and retail stores. Unlike with previous Pokemon titles which most often launched on Nintendo’s handheld platforms, Let’s GO Pikachu will not play exactly as older Pokemon games have. Varying from the “core” experience of Pokemon, Let’s GO, as the name implies, will play as a hybrid version of both the traditional Pokemon experience and the Pokemon GO title which hit as a sensation on iOS and Android in 2016.

Expanding on the core experience, Let’s GO will allow players to sync their Pokemon GO games with the Switch via Bluetooth and utilize the same capture mechanics as the mobile version of the game. The in-game mechanics of Battles in Let’s GO may feel watered down for as opposed to the core experience of Pokemon, as Let’s GO will not feature traditional battle systems, but rather just the simpler catch mechanics from the mobile game.

Let’s GO Pikachu and Lets GO Eevee will include all 151 original Pokemon and allow players to battle your Pokemon GO squads against each other in the Switch version. Those who play both Pokemon GO and Let’s GO Pikachu will also enjoy unspecified benefits in the Pokemon GO game just for playing Let’s GO at home. Featuring two-player local play, team up on the Nintendo Switch to catch as a team, bringing the social aspects of Pokemon GO back home to the big screen.

For gamers looking for the core Pokemon experience, The Pokemon Company has made it clear, this is not the previously announced version of Pokemon that we have been expecting to see on Switch, just a fun addition to the Pokemon GO universe.