The Pokemon Company has has joined forces with Namco Bandai to produce a different kind of Pokemon game. They’ve called upon their friends behind the Tekken series to produce an arcade style 3D fighter called Pokkén Tournament.

Almost no one thought that the new Pokemon game being teased over the past few weeks would actually be a 3D fighter and right now there is not much information. We do know that Katsuhiro Harada, known for his long time involvement in the Tekken franchise, and Masaaki Hoshino, one of the main programmers for the Soul Calibur series, will be working on the project. This means that we can be sure that Pokemon will receive the best 3D fighting game treatment possible. We also don’t know if this they are planning to bring this game to consoles or handhelds. We do know that this Pokkén Tournament is expected to hit Japanese arcades sometime in 2015.

An official website has been setup with the initial reveal video and a short description on each of the people involved in the project. Check it out HERE