With Gamescom in full swing, EA is changing the meta of its steam building MOBA Dawngate, enabling bot games and European servers to practice on.

A familiar feature in the MOBA space, bots allow players to compete against AI controlled units in order to better understand the game itself. While Dawngate is sold as the MOBA game without a “meta” game, a preset way of playing matches and roles, practice for individuals and developing teamwork can help any players looking to improve and win more often.

Building on new servers for Alpha testing, Dawngate is also offering its first limited character skin for the Gamescom conference. Available August 13th through 17th, any players who log in to Dawngate will receive a free skin for the Shaper [character] Raina. This skin is built on the narrative decision voted on by existing Dawngate players, and is meant to prove that EA and developer Waystone Games are dedicated to their fans.

If you’re interested in the Dawngate Alpha test and you aren’t already playing, head over to the official site where you can sign up and play today.