Edge Case Games (Formally Born Ready Studios) who brought us the very awesome game Strike Suit Zero, is at it again but this time, with massive capital ships in their latest game called Fractured Space. It’s in early access and became available to the public November of last year via Steams Early Access Hub. It’s come quite a ways in a very short amount of time and as I usually steer clear of early access, Fractured Space intrigued me the second I laid eyes on it.fracturedspace1

Fractured Space, for all intensive purposes, is a MOBA at heart. That is, it plays more like League of Legends or DoTA 2 than a twitch based space simulation like Strike Suit Zero, 5v5 battles but it does play a bit slower as your flying around space in those big capital size ships. It does take place in space but to call it a space simulation might be somewhat of a stretch. You as the player do control massive capital size ships with a variety of weapons and abilities tailored to your specific ship type, and the armour on each side of your ship is tracked, but other than that, you have set amount of hit points so the game doesn’t really do much more in the simulation area. Your movement is a lot less linear than a MOBA as you have free roam to go where you want. Up, down, taking cover behind asteroids and space stations will be a part of your strategy and there are five area’s to hold like “Lanes” in a MOBA which you can do a “Jump” to. Think of it like a short range warp jump, so that you can get to the area you need to within a few seconds to do your part for the team. The “Space Physics” are there for the most part as you will need to slow down before ramming into something without taking damage…for now at least, it IS still in early access and the community has expressed a huge desire for ramming and the damage that usually comes with that. fracturedspace2

Fractured Space is about teamwork and timing. The ship types are very diverse, each with their own role and tactics, and in a lot of ways you’ll find traditional MOBA mechanics folded into the unique game setup so that they make sense on a space capital ship level. All of your roles can be found in your hanger with a little work put into it and range from “Tank” class ships to repair or “Heals” type ships, Assassin ships, Support, you name it, and there is a ship that will represent it. The game will release on a Free to Play model and anything bought via the cash shop will be strictly aesthetic or in the form of a grind boost so there should be no fear of “Pay to Win” mechanics.

I bought into the game after the free Steam Weekend that Steam loves to do, and I’m not really someone who excels at MOBA’s per say, but the deeper and more interesting parts of the game lie in the teamwork and co-ordination, as well as pulling off successful defensive or offensive pushes on enemy area’s that are so epic and massive, you’d think you were playing EVE Online for a second. All this being said I consider Fractured Space to be incredibly fun as a space themed MOBA and will be a completely viable alternative in the MOBA market when it releases. fracturedspace3

Fractured Space has thoroughly impressed me all around in the end. Extremely well done graphics (and it’s still in Alpha state), gameplay that kept me wanting to come back and try other types of ships and loadouts and actually gave me an interest in wanting to find an optimal build. Buying into the Early Access is going to run you anywhere from $9-$40 (You can check that out HERE) and everything that comes with the packages currently are ship skins and credit/xp boosts. It’s early, it’s not finished, and is a little content light at the moment, but with how fast its growing and how fast updates are being pumped out, Fractured Space seems to be well on it’s way to being a solid choice for the rising desire for capital ship combat.

Look forward to a video preview as well coming soon as I want to get a little more time in so that I can show you everything possible without sounding like too much of a newbie.