Primal Game Studio and Bandai Namco have done something new and quite refreshing with their new MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena) offering called Supernova. I know, “Not another MOBA!” but hear me out on this one and you might be surprised. They have taken everything you know about a MOBA and added a little something that makes the game quite unique, they have turned your normal minion type units found in pretty much every MOBA, and turned them into a real time strategy game, or RTS, as well making Supernova one part MOBA, with one part RTS, and places it all into a Sci-Fi setting that the MOBA scene has been missing for quite some time. I had some hands on time with Supernova at their booth at PAX Prime this year and I had a blast.


So if you have zero knowledge on how a MOBA works, what happens in Supernova is you, the player, are in control of a hero or “Commander” chosen by you before the match begins, all of which have a unique set of skills. You will find them, and you will kill them…at least that’s the goal. You are tasked with taking out the other sides, or enemy teams, base in Supernova but you will not do it alone. You will have all of your trusty units at your disposal and that’s where Supernova differs from the rest of the other MOBA offerings out there. Where other MOBA minions have a set number attached to them, from attack power to hit points, and spawn at a set rate, Supernova’s unit system has you set up what is going to spawn next from infantry units, to air units, to even the all mighty heavy units like you would in an RTS. You the player will upgrade them through the same type of system you upgrade your commander, and you the player, will determine when they will spawn. If you’re scared this will take you away from the action of controlling your commander, or maybe you’re just getting to learn the commanders and don’t want to worry about your unit production, there is an auto function that will do all of this for you in the most efficient way possible for your income. Every unit has a cost, and that cost is met via your commander doing what it does best, destroying the enemy units and commanders, like how you would earn currency in a tower defense almost. You will also gain currency for every wave of units that spawn, but they will be the bare minimum amount so this is where a little strategy comes into play. Do you pool your resources and save to upgrade your units, or maybe go with a full unit of heavies instead of the balanced option?


Supernova is currently in a closed beta phase but you can sign up for it HERE. Nothing has currently been announced as to when open beta will start but rest assured when it hits the interwebs, we will let you know!