If you currently own an Xbox One, you now have an opportunity to play the world bending Project Spark in an open beta test phase.

Project Spark is not only a game, but a full game development system for the Xbox One and PC platforms. Allowing users to create entire worlds, and games within, the system that allows Project Spark such potential is the lack of limitation within. Building on a 3D world with vast potential beyond what Little Big Planet could reach on PlayStation 3, your work in Project Spark may be built directly from within the Xbox One using the controller, Kinect 2.0, or your SmartGlass application on a Windows 8 device.

The world is only at the limits of your imagination, as users who create works in Project Spark have reached out from the most basic of board games to full strategy titles in the short time that Spark has been in Closed Beta phase on PC and Xbox One previously. Playing in the open beta of Project Spark is simple – just sign up, move your way over to the Xbox One store on your console and install it today. We look forward to seeing your creations.

Project Spark will be available at full release on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC and hosts the unique feature of not requiring an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription to play upon release. No release date has been specified to this point, though an Open Beta means that release day is not far away – pending no major meltdowns occur.