After only two days in Japan, the PlayStation 4 is breaking out monster numbers, building further atop the console’s massive global success.

Given the absence of the Xbox One in Japan, and the strikingly low number of Wii U units sold, it may come as no surprise that the PlayStation 4 was poised for success in the region. The level of success, however was unprecedented as Sony’s two-day sales figures on PS4 – 322,083 units – listed in as more than three times that of the PlayStation 3’s two-day unit sales of 88,443 back in 2006. When the numbers compile for Japan’s opening week, it is very possible that the PS4 may put away the competition before the strongest 2014 games hit store shelves.

More surprising than tripling their own sales at Sony despite the lack of games, the PlayStation 4 has already surpassed half of the Wii U’s opening month of December. Surely this doesn’t count Nintendo out of the fight, but it may send Microsoft scrambling for the hills as we await the Xbox One 2014 launch. With a lack of enthusiasm for the FPS frenzy that takes hold over the rest of the global market, Microsoft’s focus on these titles set the Xbox 360 in a weak position – and given the Xbox One Titanfall Bundle, we don’t expect Microsoft’s direction to change much in the near future.