If you’re a collector you could be in the market for a PlayStation Portable in the coming weeks, with Sony’s latest announcement.

As of last year, Japan finally stopped shipping units of the PSP in favor of the new PlayStation Vita. Stepping forward, digital games and UMD disks still hit store shelves in the last region on Earth that still finds the PSP valuable. Outselling the PlayStation Vita by leaps and bounds, PSP was the definitive portable system in Japan for years, including well into the PS Vita’s launch. On March 31st, 2016 game sales will finally come to a halt ending an era of mobile gaming.

Posted over on the Official JP.PlayStation website, any content previously purchased can be downloaded after the close of new sales. In addition, PSP content may be purchased from other PlayStation platforms and transferred to the PSP going forward. With the market closing on PSP at this time, values will naturally go up at used game retailers so get in now while you can still buy these games at low prices.