Ralin: Dwarf Wars – A roguelike RPG, smashes its way onto Kickstarter

 New indie developer, Ogadonix Studios, have launched a Kickstarter campaign for Ralin: Dwarf Wars, for PC, Mac and Nintendo Wii U.

Are you tired of all the hack and slash RPGs that offer no challenge? Ralin: Dwarf Wars is a community driven hack and slash RPG with high quality graphics and littered with charming details. 

“At Ogadonix Studios, we are gamers who want to craft unforgettable experiences for our players.” said Christian Biever, lead programmer at Ogadonix Studios, “Ralin: Dwarf Wars earned Greenlight status in 5 days, we are confidently optimistic, that with the support and wonderful feedback of our community, we will be able to rock Kickstarter and make our game happen.”

About Ralin: Dwarf Wars
King Duur is the current king of the dwarves and was a peaceful ruler at the beginning, but he has since become a more sinister and brutal sovereign when the surfacers came into his realm and started to rebel. Once a fierce but wise warrior and ruler, he has become old, bitter and vevengeful and he has no love for the outsiders, damning them to live in closed off villages with limited contact to the dwarves.

When pressured, King Duur chooses to rule through strength instead of thought and compassion. While the leaders of the dwarven clans do appreciate the way he rules, to a certain degree, they often find his choices to be overly rash. Outsiders fear King Duur and will comply with every order given, without thought.


  • Singleplayer, Multiplayer, local and online Co-op and Private open source server software
  • Open Source Server Software written in C++ and C# for the Unity3d plugin.
  • Moddable scripts for the enemies health, damage and prefab
  • Procedurally generated maps for the roguelike style gameplay. A Map editor is planned for later versions, with pre-defined maps are being designed for the campaign
  • Health, leveling, loot, crafting, attributes, quest systems & many more systems are planned
  • Loot Table with a lot of weapons, armor and crafting materials (planned for upcoming beta builds
  • Community driven story

Explore underground caves and discover the epic war being sought between Goblins and Dwarves. Smash some skulls while you‘re at it! You’re a dwarf who sacrifices his life to protect the treasures of his clan, that mined with their blood, sweat and tears. Hack, slash and slay the wicked thieves who managed to sneak into the dwarven halls to steal the precious treasures. Join your brothers who are picking up their hammers and axes in order to protect what’s precious to them!


I look forward to more updates and more surprises from the team at Ogadonix Studios wish them the best of luck on their kickstarter. For more information on Ralin: Dwarf Wars head on over to their official Kickstarter and keep looking for more updates right here on PowerLeveled.