In a stunner move that you don’t see often in today’s gaming industry, Resogun will apply a fully-free update on a Sunday which adds more content to the side-to-side spaceship shooter.

Given the rash of publishers who are unwilling to dish out free DLC, this update for Resogun should come as a ray of light in the darkness. With the ability to recreate, or fully design your own space ship from start to finish, players will be able to create anything that their heart desires – from the Starship Enterprise to Serenity, or a muscle car that can fly.


Everything that you know and love about your existing Resogun ships will be editable as well in the new update, but only on your new ride. Pilots working on their new NCC-1701, Firefly, or personal spacecraft can position their weapons any way they wish, move the afterburners, and customize the ship’s sliders to design an impregnable fortress or a flying nuclear disaster. All ship builds may be shared online through the Resogun community as well, so those looking for the most popular ship in the galaxy need not look far.

New trophies will be making their way into the mix as well with the latest update, according to the post on the PlayStation Blog, along side a full reset of the Resogun scoreboards list. This scoreboards list update should come as a counter to a recent exploit discovered, which has now been patched, and will level the playing field for all the world to compete once again. Resogun will also soon launch a Survival and Demolition expansion option for $5 on June 24th as part of a regular PlayStation Store update.