EA sports is bringing yet another great fight to the octagon with EA Sports UFC. With graphics like never before we start to see a more realistic body likenesses in our characters, more emotion, and seemingly more awareness. Characters now make full body contact with every blow to the head or body showing muscle movements, sweat, and even the visual effects of open wounds forming making for the most realistic fighting experience yet in the franchise.

UFC shows us real time wear down, not just physical damage. You can over exert yourself every round showing more and more fatigue as your fighter wears down. This brings more to the game than before, as you must consider your endurance and take care of your body while you move into the later parts of the fight. UFC displays a noticeable physics change as you slip and slide around the mat, and takedowns show more force and energy than previous UFC titles showcased. Realism is something modern gamers are looking for with next-generation game play and UFC is delivering on all fronts.

UFC 2014 brings a wide variety of fighters, including all many fan favorites such as Rich Franklin, Chuck Liddell and Roy Nelson, but UFC doesn’t stop at the headlining male fighters. Look for female fighters as well in 2015, like front-woman Ronda Rousey and many more. If you aren’t satisfied with real fighters, and want to step into the ring as yourself, create a fighter has taken a massive turn for the better with beautiful, much more realistic visuals. EA really pulled out all the stops with more body types that cover most average weight classes across the globe. With a good amount of tattoos, UFC also gives you a chance to give your fighter that rough and edgy look – something that the real UFC circuit isn’t short on. With a vast amount of hairstyles, faces, facial hair, and other features your creative reach is almost limitless. EA sports has brought game face to the table this run as well. This older feature allows the player to upload a photo of their face to your EA profile and import yourself to your fighter and give yourself an even more immersive experience.

UFC 2014 features the UFC spotlight, a feature which allows you to show off your personal highlight reels throughout the UFC career. EA’s “Fighternet” will allow you to browse your friends’ profiles and see their wins and losses as well as grapple numbers, passes, sweeps, striking and takedown defense. With fighting details like these, take apart your friends with advanced strategy before you’re ever in the ring together – just like the pros.