Last year Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster released on Ps3/PS Vita and was met with quite a bit of love. Before that, in order to play either one of these games, you needed to have them on your PS2 and they were separate purchases so it was pretty tough for anyone to get a hold of them without a bit of work. Not that a little work hurt anyone, but let’s face it, X-2 didn’t get the highest marks like its predecessor did, and unless you really wanted to know what happened after Final Fantasy X, you weren’t going to play it. Earlier this year Square-Enix announced that they were going to re-release the collection on PS4 in another updated HD version of the games (Fingers crossed for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 HD!) and this brought a little bit of anger from the masses that already bought it on PS3, understandable to be sure, but if you didn’t pick it up on PS3, or even if this is your first time seeing anything on it, now is definitely the time to fix that.


Final Fantasy X received quite a few stellar reviews in any iteration of its lifespan and rightfully so, it is one of the first Final Fantasy games to successfully meld together excellent visuals, cutscenes, and game-play with amazing storytelling that really makes you want to take the game to the end to see how it all ends. For us players returning to Spira, not a whole lot has changed as far as the game goes. Nothing has been added to the game experience other than the extremely well done HD upgrade to the graphics. The colors are far more vibrant, there’s a lot more detail in the characters, main or otherwise, the scenery has gotten an exceptional face-lift. Everything has been retouched from, the water, the plant life, far off distant hills and clouds, even the small moving parts on Lu Lu’s stuffed animals have an upgraded look. Blitz Ball looks amazing, still wanting in controls… but looks amazing none the less and still holds all of it’s charm and addicting game-play value. I still feel like it could have been a game all on it’s own. Mayhap Square-Enix could turn it into one of the mobile games they keep pumping out left and right.


So with all this being said, is Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster worth the $50 price tag and about 40-80 hours of your time? Absolutely. You’re going to get quite a bit of bang for your buck and if you’re new to the game itself, be prepared for a long and lasting relationship with every single character in the game and a whole lot of tugging on your heart strings, grab your hanky, or better yet, grab a box of tissues, your gonna need it.