SCEA and Arrowhead Game Studio bring us the ultimate top down multi-player, twin stick shooter, friendly fire always on, overpowered weapon carrying, fist full of freedom this side of the universe game, called Helldivers. You would be hard pressed to say that Helldivers doesn’t have a huge Starship Troopers nod to it, and with guns blazing, bugs flying, and the heavy amount of  democracy included, you can see why. Would you like to know more?

helldivers1The makers of Magika have given us one of the most intense and well rounded co-op games in quite some time. Everything from gun unlocks and upgrades, to mechs that fall to your drop area Titanfall style, extra one time use weapons, field upgrades, and APC’s covered in guns, Helldivers finds the sweat spot in balance with everything having a role and nothing going to waste.helldivers3

The story revolves around Super Earths main fighting force The Helldivers, their main mission is to rid the universe of the ever present alien infestation to the way of life best suited for the human race, the freedom way of life. To do this, players will fight on three fronts of the universe:

  • Cyborg Systems: These humans have opted to “Upgrade” themselves because evolution is taking too long. Cyborgs carry around the big boom boom and tend to rely on this heavily. They get pretty tough as you go higher into the mission difficulties.
  • Illuminate Systems: Yes they’re real, and they have a striking resemblance to the Protoss, who knew? They are defiantly a force to be recon with as they are the shield users that pack a solid defense and decent punch.
  • Bug Systems: Yeah…they’re just called “Bugs”. They have a Swarm kind of feel to them or for my 40k players, Tyranids. These are the swarming bunch of the group as they aim to overwhelm you with sheer numbers.HELLDIVERS™_20150225233018

These fronts are broken up into sectors and each sector has a number of planets that need to be liberated through Helldiver missions. These missions  have a varied difficulty with the higher ones being where multi-player comes into play, and will reward you with everything from bonus experience, to the all mighty Stratagem. The face melting Stratagem is an optional piece of equipment that allows you to bring 4 choices of Supply, Defensive, Offensive, and or Special pieces of equipment with you and range from extra ammo, yes you can run out of ammo, to the pinnacle of Helldiver technology the Mech. Stratagems will help you solo quite a bit up to a point, but will start to really depend on what your group is bringing later on down the road when playing with others. A mission may say “Easy” but there are times it can get hairy real quick, and this is where your Stratagems will come in handy. Should you find yourself in a situation where you need assistance and your friends aren’t on, you can throw down a beacon through a series of directional button presses to allow other players to join your game, should they be in the same system and planet as you. This sounds dire, but there’s quite a few times this has worked for me personally while solo on medium missions.


Helldivers brings the value to you with a cross buy, cross save, and cross play system via the PS Vita, PS3 and PS4. What this means is, if you buy it for one system, you have it for all of them and if you save on one system, it saves it for all systems you log into the game to which really makes the $19.99 price a lot better than you’d expect and being 30+ into gameplay, I can tell you Helldivers isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and the fight will surely go on to rid the universe of the alien filth one freedom frag at a time.