Your journey begins in in the city of Salem, Massachusetts as officer Ronan O’Connor where you’ll be pursuing what seems like an average breaking and entering robbery, but quickly takes a turn for the worst, as Ronan finds himself thrown out a window and lying in the street. Ronan then starts thinking “how did I survive such a fall” when in fact that was not the case it was indeed it was a 187 “officer down.” After becoming victim to the bell killer, Officer Ronan quickly comes to reality and sees his lifeless body cold in the street thus bringing the name to life Murdered Soul Suspect. From this point on your mission is to uncover your killers identity, his purpose in searching that specific home and why your were MURDERED.

Let’s start with a graphic point in Murdered soul suspect. The creators of Murdered have shown the consumer a smooth game play and great color to the world around although lacking in some areas it makes up for in some serious special affect to each power you use throughout your ghostly detective experience . characters were very detailed both human and demonic and animations weren’t too shabby either. Murdered soul suspects mapping capabilities were nothing more than cut short. The streets were detailed in areas but others felt unfinished and lacked attention leaving the city of salem almost a waste land. For the most part Murdered soul suspects graphic’s were good but far from beautiful.

The sound effects and music played out to be a pretty good display of detail as well. The characters voices seemed to fit them very well both youthful and elderly people and that of afterlife were very carefully thought of and shows great detail the demons of the underworld that roam for lost souls sound like something you would hear in a horror movie and makes for somewhat of a bone chilling experience. Sound effects of the world around your character are clean and clear and seem to fit every step you make and move you make. Gunshot’s glass shattering or even jumping from host to host as you read the minds of those around you these sounds all carry a unique feel to everything that happens to or around you. Music we all know that sound when something is going to happen in a horror movie Murdered has brought that feel to the player as Ronan sneaks though the walls of the world around him.

Murdered soul suspects gaming is not much for full controller use more of a three button style of playing that may become boring as the long story carries on. Gameplay is very limited to where you can do and where you can do it . murdered has many different collectibles and short side jobs . with much repetitive puzzles and and hiding from demons murdered soul suspect does not hold gamer’s attention past the first hour. Murdered soul suspect is a good game for a one time play through but doesn’t hold much value for a second go around but wouldn’t be A bad title to pick UP.
murdered soul suspect screen
Murdered soul suspects ending makes up for a lot of the downfalls in the game with a complete twist no one saw coming. Murdered soul suspect was released June 2014 on the following consoles, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4.