I was really exited when this game was announced. I was a big fan of Cortex as used in other games and have always loved comic book heroes.

Now that I have read through the book a few times.  I’m really disappointed.  This is not the game I was hoping we would get. The Art in this book is amazing and the layout is top notch.

With Marvel cortex took another leap towards story gaming. Now calling the system Cortex+. Something I really have mixed feelings about in a superhero game. While the system seemed fast and fun I really had trouble applying that style of game to supers.

I for one don’t believe in telling others how to have fun. I see no use in writing anything that would resemble a negative review.  I would usually just back off and ignore it despite my disappointment over a product I was really hoping to love. Although I see a lot of people really enjoying it.
I saw a while back that a few people were working on hacks for the system. Other settings and other games to play with this iteration of Cortex+. And they look great. It really helped me pin point why the system seems so wonky to me for supers. Its the scale of the game. While next to a human I could see an Elf having d8 reflexes. Since they are greater than that of a human. But trying to draw a distinction of The hulks strength with a d12 or something just doesn’t scale well to me.

In a setting with human as the average character who might have a characteristic of a d6, a d8 is an improvement. And a d10 is even more improved. But when you deal with character with strength like the hulk or other super human traits I just feel the system scales very poorly to represent this.

And yes I do understand its a storytelling game and not written to scale in the same way other games do as far as attributes do. But I guess its the comic nerd in me that just doesn’t care for it.

I really find the system to be fun though. And a great storytelling system. I think I may even work on my own hack of the system. And maybe try running a game with just street level heroes. Otherwise it looks like hacks will be my main source of Cortex+ gaming.
Great game, Great system. Just not a good fit for supers in my opinion.