With the city of Chicago at your fingertips, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs brings us an open world action/adventure title like never before. Given near future stealth hacking as your primary tool and weapon, Watch Dogs leaves almost endless possibilities at your disposal. Empty bank accounts, dig up the personal information of any character, even hacking the Chief Technical Officer’s city security systems – or you may feel the need to simply hack a soda machine. No matter what your guilty hacking pleasure, Chicago is at your disposal.

You begin your journey as Aiden Pearce, a highly skilled hacker in search of answers in the murder of his niece Leana Pearce. With plenty of crooked cops, corporate espionage and gang members, an already difficult investigation becomes a noticeable challenge to find who is trying to kill not only Aiden’s family, but Mr. Pearce himself.

As you work your case, hacking the city and everything around you along the way, you begin to notice that your eyes aren’t the only ones watching the people around you. Undercover citizens working for Blume Industries are on to your investigation and will have contracts out on your head at the swipe of a finger, so remember to watch carefully – you never know when the hacker becomes the hacked.

In Watch Dogs you may notice some striking resemblance to Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V, but with a more high-tech manner of going about business. With in-game mini-games such as Digital Trips and Alien Invasions, Watch Dogs leaves you entertained and distracted from the disadvantages of the title. Although Watch Dogs plays out only just above 720p in rendered game play, it has fairly smooth mapping and is detailed where it counts, with only a few glitches here and there but nothing major that isn’t to be expected – even in the AAA title space.

With online multiplayer capability, Watch Dogs becomes much more fun to play, as you can hack your friends, stealing their personal data right beside them. Competitive play in Chicago plays out very similarly to that of Assassin’s Creed as players find themselves thrown into a crowd while in competition with others. Set out to hack your friends and foes through the crowd as you have a single target, but you are a target yourself. Given this soft dynamic for competitive multiplayer, the multiplayer/single player synchronization is stronger and more interesting than competitive operations. Adding in tablet interactivity via the ctOS mobile app brings a new depth to multiplayer and Watch Dogs’ inherent focus on hacking – a fantastic touch when interacting from the side lines.

As we step into the world of next-gen gaming, I believe Watch Dogs is only the beginning of fun and exciting games to come. With a great story line and ways to keep the viewer entertained, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs was released on May 27th, 2014.