While straying away from referring to recent news of a Halo ‘feature,’ to be released in 2014, as a movie, it will still be welcome news to many long time fans of the franchise such as myself. With the official Halo movie project scrapped years ago, fans of the Halo series had to suffice on smaller, fan made movies, and perhaps the best live action Halo ‘movies’ Forward Unto Dawn, released in small pieces before the launch of Halo 4.

With a producer like Ridley Scott, who has a long and storied carrier in the film industry with titles like Blade Runner, Alien, and Prometheus, just to name a few, under his belt, Microsoft is clearly trying to input some good, solid name recognition into the series in an attempt to make it viable. According to this post on Joystiq, the feature plans will not have any impact on the Steven Spielberg Halo TV Series also currently in development.

Personally, having played every Halo game and enjoying every bit of the fan and Microsoft produced live action movies, I hope that the planned feature will put new life into the Halo movie and help establish the TV series as a prominent and acclaimed show.

Via Joystiq.